Meet our Director: Lars Steinmetz

Lars is the director of the Life Science Alliance.

With his joint position as a Senior Scientist in the Genome Biology Unit at EMBL and Professor of Genetics at Stanford, Lars has first hand experience of the benefits that come from working across Europe and the US, and leads our program between the two institutions. Reah about what motivated him to start the Alliance, his career as a transatlantic scientist and what we are looking for in our bridging excellence fellows.

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Our Bridging Excellence Fellows

The Life Science Alliance is excited to present our second cohort of Bridging Excellence Fellows!

Our fellowship program seeks to enable collaborative research and provide a platform for younger scientists to launch their international careers. These fellows are the catalysts for joint research endeavors between Stanford and EMBL, combining the best methods, resources and know-how for their cutting-edge research projects. Congratulations to Joyce, Michael and Pablo!

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  • 09 July 2023
    Deadline, Exchange Grants


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